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“Road safety had traditionally been overlooked. People take it for granted because they are familiar with driving and taking taxis, but things are radically different, country to country. It’s important not to make assumptions.”

                                                                         — William Halliday, Director of Global Security, MMC (retired)

Twenty to thirty percent of road crashes involve work-related travel, according to the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The NIOSH Global Review of Occupational Road Safety reveals that the number of incidents increase to 50% when commuting is added to the total.

Businesses are sending more employees abroad now than ever before, making pre-departure preparations an important component of corporate travel guidelines. ASIRT assists corporations to ensure that detailed, country-specific information is made available to staff. ASIRT Road Travel Reports, theGlobal Road Safety Toolboxand training seminars can be integrated into customized programs to complement departments’ needs and existing procedures. For more information about how to implement initiatives to help keep your travelers informed while they are working in unfamiliar destinations, please contact us at or 1-240-249-0100.

Once you have discussed the details with an ASIRT staff member, you can make your payment online.


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