Education Abroad Benefits

The ASIRT Education Abroad Program offers subscribers access to:

The ASIRT logo. Display the designation on websites, social media and printed materials to highlight the commitment to safe road travel for students, faculty and administrators.

Country-Specific Road Safety Reviews. ASIRT collects, analyzes and produces comprehensive road safety information in the form of country-specific Road Safety Reviews (RSR) for more than 90 countries. These user-friendly, four-page reports describe general road conditions; frequent road crash sites; driving regulations; urban, rural, night and seasonal travel precautions; pedestrian, passenger and cycle safety tips; and quality and availability of emergency medical care.

Download sample RSRs.

Global Road Safety Toolbox for the Study Abroad Community. Through a series of checklists and role-play scenarios, the Toolbox is designed to broaden their understanding of road realities in other countries and better plan for road conditions abroad. The Toolbox includes information and checklists for:
-itinerary and contingency planning
-vehicle and operator safety
-hiring policies and testing for vehicle operators
-pedestrian safety
-bus and minivan safety
-taxi safety
-bicycle safety
-driver safety
-student drinking and road safety abroad.

Speak Up for Safety Cards. These cards that can be placed in a cell phone wallet include safety phrases in Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. 

PowerPoint Presentation. Introduce students to road safety concepts with ASIRT’s brief PowerPoint which can be easily integrated into your pre-departure orientation program.

Education Abroad Member Press Release. Inform students, families, faculty leaders and administrators of your ASIRT Education Abroad Membership and your school’s commitment to keeping travelers safe on the roads. This resource can be used in conjunction with the ASIRT logo on your web site and promotional materials.

Student Ambassador Opportunities. ASIRT welcomes student travelers to write a blog series or article about their travels and their experiences and observations about road safety. ASIRT also offers internship opportunities for students studying public health, policy or transportation. For more information, view the Internship Matrix and email


ASIRT also offers:

  • Webinars highlighting road travel risks for faculty and students abroad and suggesting clear solutions to prevent and minimize those risks.
  • Opportunities to catch up on road safety news, trends and events through our e-newsletter, website, and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Know Before You Go, a 7-minute video that can be included in pre-departure orientations.

Students and Parents

Students and families can purchase reports here.

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