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Road crashes are the single greatest risk for travelers abroad, and young people ages 15-29 are at highest risk. ASIRT provides the education abroad community with resources and information to help administrators, risk managers, faculty leaders and students make informed choices in planning road itineraries and programs.

Global travel ignites and satisfies intellectual and cultural curiosity, introduces new ideas and experiences and teaches appreciation and understanding. But it is critical that everyone involved in education abroad programs receive information about the potential risks that may be encountered while traveling on the roads abroad and establish responsive policies and strategies.

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Road Safety While Abroad

Travelers studying abroad remain a highly vulnerable group of road users because they represent the largest number of pedestrians and users of public transportation and are more prone to taking risks. They are also at risk because of their lack of familiarity with local road laws, road culture, travel options and road conditions.

Students frequently travel by foot or bicycle. Pedestrians and cyclists are especially at risk road users and should be made aware of traffic patterns, road infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle culture and potential problematic driver behaviors.

Road conditions vary among countries and often in areas within countries. Specific information can be helpful in determining itinerary routes and enable program planners to choose the safest road alternatives and modes of transportation. Night travel, seasonal challenges and available transportation options, both public and private, are also important considerations.

The safest traveler is the informed traveler. Students trained in safe road practices and be given tools and tips to help them can more wisely navigate the world’s roads.

Since 1999, ASIRT has partnered with colleges and universities to provide useful road safety information to administrators, risk managers, faculty leaders and students.

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Special Note to Parents of Students Participating in Education Abroad Programs
Parents and families are encouraged to be an integral part of the road safety education process. Families can avail themselves of information about specific road safety conditions and concerns in students’ destination countries by subscribing as individuals.

High schools, colleges, universities can subscribe below.


Subscription Number of RSRs Rate
Single report (example: faculty-led or short-term program) 1 $100
5 reports 5 $400 * + –
10 reports 10 $600 * + –
20 reports 20 $1000 * + –
Unlimited access all available $2000* + #

* One-time, first-year 20% discount for FORUM and URMIA members and Terra Dotta users

+ $50 annual renewal savings

# $200 two-year renewal savings

– Additional reports may be purchased for $100

Students and Parents

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