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The Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) celebrated its 20th Anniversary on December 5, 2016 with over 200 ASIRT friends and supporters, including road safety experts from U.S. Government agencies, members of the corporate, non-profit and diplomatic community.

In recognition of ASIRT’s 20th anniversary year, Rochelle Sobel announced the official launch of “BRING THEM SAFELY HOME,” an ambitious campaign to protect young travelers on the world’s roads. The campaign will provide study abroad programs, humanitarian organizations and individual travelers with critical information, including road safety trainings for travelers, Administrators and in-country staff; detailed Road Travel Reports, created by ASIRT, on individual countries; resources, tools and seminars for faculty and students.

“BRING THEM SAFELY HOME” will also expand its efforts encouraging the United States Department of State to improve and increase its data collection on deaths of Americans traveling abroad.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As the only U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to global road safety, ASIRT achieves its goals and objectives through public awareness, education and advocacy. ASIRT depends on your contributions to continue its work on behalf of all travelers who utilize the roads of the world every day.

Your sponsorship will:

  • Support the ongoing development of country-specific Road Travel Reports (RTRs).
  • Provide workshops on global road safety for the professional community.
  • Enable ASIRT to partner with country-specific civil society organizations to initiate road safety programs.
  • Provide resources and workshops on road safety to education abroad programs. See Education Abroad Membership for more information.
  • Support the development of traveler-oriented global road safety publications.
  • Assist in efforts to encourage the U.S. Congress to appropriate funding and require government agencies to work on behalf of global road safety.
  • Help ASIRT maintain involvement with global road safety organizations.
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ASIRT Annual Gala

“Racing Toward Zero: a road safe world” was held   on November 15, 2022

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