Opportunity to Publish Road Safety Articles

ASIRT, the Association for Safe International Road Travel, publishes a quarterly e-newsletter for its community that includes education abroad and corporate risk managers and administrators, humanitarian organizations, and the general public who travel for work and leisure. ASIRT often features guest columnists who write about traveling abroad. Previous topics include the effect of climate change on international travel, cycling safety, and road safety in specific countries from the student perspective.

ASIRT invites professionals, including Forum and Pulse members, and their colleagues to submit ideas for short articles or videos on topics of their choosing. Examples include road safety takeaways from a recent site visit abroad, traveling abroad during a monsoon or other seasonal conditions, reducing stress and anxiety about transportation options for travelers abroad, or using transportation abroad with a disability. Articles can be written for the audience of choice. Authors of all levels of experience welcome. Contact [email protected] with article ideas or questions and we will provide prompts and more information.