The safest traveler is the well-informed traveler. While road safety conditions in a country affect its own citizens, travelers remain a highly vulnerable group of road users in any country due to their lack of familiarity with the local road laws, road culture, road conditions and travel options. Plan for safe travel by subscribing to ASIRT’s road safety resources.

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Now that you have your passport and confirmed your travel arrangements, do you know where you’re going? Where you’re REALLY going?
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Nonprofits and Missions

Do you lead a humanitarian organization? Do you have detailed information to assist your staff in traveling safely in country? Special discount membership rates are available for community service organizations whose mission includes global travel.

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Education Abroad

Over 200,000 students study abroad annually, benefiting from this unique and often life-altering experience. Education abroad programs have expanded their choice of destinations to include more “exotic” locations, often in developing countries. As young people travel abroad in growing numbers, the risk of being involved in a road crash increases. The risk of road crash injury or death is even greater in developing countries.

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Corporate Travel

20-30% of road crashes involve work-related travel, according to the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The NIOSH Global Review of Occupational Road Safety reveals that the number of incidents increases to 50% when commuting is added to the total. Learn how you can keep employees safe by by offering resources to enable them to make road-safe travel choices.

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